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Isfahan Setareh Hotel 3
Isfahan Setareh Hotel, has silent and mellow environment, compilation of modern traditional architectural with so nice decoration is located in the historical zoon with approximately 500 meters distance to famous historical constructions like Chelsotoon, Imam SQ (Naghshe Jahan), Sheykh Lotfolah Mosque, Imam Mosque and etc.
State : Isfahan
City : Isfahan
Address : Isfahan Setareh Hotel - Hafez St - Naqsh-e Jahan St – Isfahan - Iran
Zip Code : 1415673768
Email : info@booking.ir
Website : http://booking.ir
Contact : 00982188998635-6
Fax : 00982166975709
Time in : 14:00
Time out : 14:00
Isfahan Setareh Hotel
Restaurant onsite Telephone in every room Television in every room 24h room service Bathin every room Laundry Toilet Coffee Shop Car rental can be arranged & TaxiService Internet café Refrigeratorin every room Parking available
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Type Room Capacity (person) Inclusions Price
Four Bed Room 4
  • Breakfast

Hotel $180

Site $170

suite 2 Bed 2
  • Breakfast

Hotel $161

Site $160

Three bed Room 3
  • Breakfast

Hotel $148

Site $138

Double 2
  • Breakfast

Hotel $116

Site $106

Single 1
  • Breakfast

Hotel $69

Site $66

Extra Bed 1
  • Breakfast



Distance To Airport : 40 min
Distance To Railway : 40 min
Distance To The Terminal : Kaveh teminal 10 Km
Tourist Places Around The Hotel : About 500 meters from the Imam Square (Naghsh-e-jahan)
Imam Mosque
Sheikh Lotfollah mosque
Ali Qapu Pavilion
the main market
Chehelsoton mansion and

Terms & Conditions

1) Hotel reservation cancellation time and date may vary, but must not exceed 72 hours prior to the scheduled arrival date
2) If you require that a cardholder cancel before 6:00 pm on the scheduled arrival date, you must mail the cancellation policy to the cardholder. Note: If the reservation service reservation is made within 72 hours of the arrival, your cancellation deadline must be no earlier than 6:00 pm on the arrival date
3) You must provide proof that the cardholder received a copy of your cancellation policy. It is recommended that fax a copy of the policy to the cardholder and have the cardholder sign the policy prior to confirming the reservation.
4) If a cardholder who has guaranteed his or her reservation by use of his or her credit card calls the hotel, motel, third party booking agent or resort to cancel the reservation within the agreed upon period, then the hotel, motel, third party booking agent or resort is obligated to cancel the guaranteed reservation and issue the cardholder a cancellation number that verifies that the reservation has been cancelled. The cardholder should be advised to retain the cancellation number. It is also recommended that the hotel, motel, third party booking agent or resort confirm the cancellation in writing, advising the cardholder of the cancellation number.
5) A cardholder who has guaranteed a reservation by use of his or her credit card arrives within the specified period (until checkout time the next day), the hotel, motel, or resort is obligated to provide a room to the cardholder. If the hotel, motel, third party booking agent or resort is unable to provide a room, then the hotel, motel, or resort is obligated to provide at no additional charge a comparable room for one night, transportation to the other lodging, and a three-minute domestic or long distance phone call, whichever the cardholder deems necessary to advise of a change of location.
6) Before the cardholder’s expected arrival, the hotel, motel, or resort shall prepare a registration card and assign a room number on that card.
7) If the cardholder has not claimed or cancelled the guaranteed reservation accommodations by the specified time, the hotel, motel, resort or its third-party booking agent must hold the room(s) available according to the reservation until check-out time the following day.

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